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Section: Removal of exposed poultry for slaughter

Statute: 13:1E-101

The Legislature finds and declares that the proper closure of sanitary landfills is essential to the public health, safety and welfare; that closure activities can require capital expenditures at a time when revenues collected by sanitary landfill facilities are minimal or nonexistent; and that it is necessary to guarantee that adequate funds are reserved to insure such closure. The Legislature further finds and declares that the improper operation or closure of sanitary landfill facilities can result in the contamination of surface and ground waters, including potable water supplies; that the migration of methane gas from sanitary landfill facilities poses a significant threat to life and property; that compensation for the damage resulting from improper operation or closure is, at best, inadequate; and that it is necessary to provide a mechanism for the prompt and adequate compensation for these damages. L.1981, c. 306, s. 2.

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