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Section: Classification and arrangement; effect on construction

Statute: 13:1D-5

The Division of Clean Air and Water established by Executive Notice No. 109, dated February 16, 1967, and Executive Notice No. 132 dated July 1, 1968 of the State Commissioner of Health pursuant to P.L.1947, chapter 177, section 5 (C. 26:1A-5) together with all of its functions, powers and duties, is transferred to and constituted the Division of Environmental Quality in the Department of Environmental Protection. Such division, by and through its director, shall continue to have all of the powers and shall exercise all of the functions and duties vested in it or imposed upon it by said executive notices or by this or any other law. L.1970, c. 33, s. 8, eff. April 22, 1970.

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