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Section: Regulation prior to operative date

Statute: 13:1D-140

3. Prior to the operative date of the rules and regulations required to be adopted by the Department of Environmental Protection pursuant to section 1 of this act, every business entity, employer, industrial establishment, industrial facility or private firm that is subject to P.L.1991, c.235 (C.13:1D-35 et seq.), P.L.1983, c.330 (C.13:1K-6 et seq.), P.L.1984, c.210 (C.13:1K-15 et seq.), P.L.1993, c.381 (C.58:28-1 et seq.), P.L.1983, c.315 (C.34:5A-1 et seq.), or P.L.1986, c.142 (C.52:27D-222 et seq.) shall continue to be regulated pursuant to those acts without regard to the cessation of use by certain State or federal agencies of the Standard Industrial Classification system. L.2003,c.157,s.3.

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