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Section: Definitions relative to development, promotion of energy, environmental technology.

Statute: 13:1D-135

2. For the purposes of this act: "Corporation" means the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology, a not-for-profit membership corporation, incorporated under the "New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act," P.L.1983, c.127 (N.J.S.15A:1-1 et seq.), whose membership comprises technology-based businesses, industries, research universities, utility companies, government agencies and third party investors that are interested in advancing the development and use of technology in the State; "Department" means the Department of Environmental Protection; and "Program" means the energy and environmental technology verification program for the identification, evaluation, verification and, through the coordination and revision of regulatory mechanisms and requirements, the promotion and expedited commercial use of innovative energy and environmental technologies, and established under the performance partnership agreement between the department and the corporation entered into pursuant to section 3 of this act. L.1999,c.400,s.2.

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