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Section: Interest

Statute: 13:1D-112

2. a. Policies and interpretations contained in a technical manual developed pursuant to section 1 of this act and in force on the date that an application for a permit subject to that technical manual has been filed, shall be binding upon both the department and a permit applicant, except as otherwise required under federal or State law, or rule or regulation promulgated thereunder, or an order of the court; however, if an application is determined to be incomplete, the date of filing shall be the date that the information required for a completed application is filed with the department. Any revision made to a technical manual shall have no effect upon a permit application that was submitted to the department prior to adoption of the revision. Nothing in this section shall be construed to: (1) exempt an applicant from complying with all applicable federal and State laws, or rules or regulations adopted thereunder, including compliance with the requirements of a permit issued by the department; or (2) compromise or limit any enforcement action available to the department pursuant to law. b. The department shall periodically, but not more frequently than every six months, except as otherwise required by federal or State law, or rules or regulations adopted thereunder, update and revise a technical manual. L.1991,c.422,s.2.

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