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Section: Rights of person with disabilities.

Statute: 13:1D-109

5. a. Not later than February 1 of each year for three consecutive years, beginning on February 1 next following the first full year of implementation of the review schedules adopted pursuant to section 2 of this act, the department shall submit to the Speaker of the General Assembly and the Assembly Energy and Environment Committee, and to the President of the Senate and the Senate Environmental Quality Committee, or the successor to the Assembly or Senate committee, a report on the disposition of all applications filed in the preceding year for which review schedules have been established pursuant to section 2 of this act. The report shall contain the following information for each class or category of permit, certificate, registration, license or other approval for which application was made, and the review schedule therefor: (1) the number of applications filed with the department; (2) the number of completed applications reviewed by the department, and the average number of days required from the date of filing of an application to determine the application's completeness; (3) the number of completed applications on which the department took final action within the time-frame allotted in the review schedule; (4) the number of completed applications on which the department failed to take final action within the time-frame established therefor, and the average number of days in excess of that time-frame required for the taking of final action thereon; (5) the number of completed applications on which the department failed to take final action within the time-frames of the review schedules, where the cause of delay was the result of an applicant's failure to provide in a timely manner additional information required by the department, a failure of a governmental agency, other than the department, to comment or take final action on the application within the time allotted therefor, or for such other reasons (identify) as are beyond the control of the department. b. The report shall also contain an assessment of the review schedules or procedures, including: (1) identification of any special problems, including administrative bottlenecks or manpower or other resources, hampering the achievement of review schedule guidelines; (2) evaluation of the adequacy of existing review schedules in promoting an efficient, effective and equitable processing of applications; (3) identification of any changes made in review schedules during the preceding year and the reasons therefor, and of any significant management initiatives taken by the department to improve the review process; and (4) such recommendations for simplifying, expediting or otherwise improving the review process as the department determines will best promote more efficient, effective and equitable review processes. L.1991,c.423,s.5.

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