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Section: Landlord immunity

Statute: 13:1D-106

2. a. Within 120 days of the effective date of this act, the department shall adopt guidelines establishing review schedules for each class or category of permit established pursuant to section 1 of this act, which guidelines shall serve as goals of the department. Review schedules shall set forth the estimated time required by the department to review and take final action on an application therefor. The time-frame established for each permit, license, certificate, registration or other approval shall correspond to the scope and complexity of the application; the magnitude of potential environmental or health impacts; the length of time needed for public notice or hearing requirements, or afforded to government agencies, other than the department, to review and comment on an application prior to final action thereon by the department; and such other relevant considerations as may affect the length of time reasonably required for the efficient, effective and equitable processing of, and the taking of a final action on, an application. The department may, from time to time, alter particular review schedules in order to effectuate more efficient, effective and equitable review of applications. b. The review schedules shall serve as guidelines only for departmental review of applications for the different classes or categories of permits. c. The department shall adopt an expedited review schedule for permit applications authorizing remediation or corrective actions to clean up or remove pollutants from surface waters or groundwaters. d. In adopting review schedules, the department may consider using the following time-frames: over-the-counter or mail service approvals; 45-day review periods; 90-day review periods; 180-day review periods; and review periods in excess of 180 days; or such other specific time-frames as the department may deem appropriate. e. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to authorize any change in a review period established by law. L.1991,c.423,s.2.

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