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Section: Acts done, rights acquired, etc., under repealed acts not affected by repeal

Statute: 12:7C-11

5. If a vessel has a boat registration number or other means of identifying the owner thereof, the person, entity, municipality, or harbor commission desiring to acquire title, shall, if possible, secure the owner's last known address, and the lienholder, if any, appearing on the records of the commission, and shall notify the owner by registered letter to his last known address and the lienholder by registered letter at the address of the lienholder appearing on the records of the commission that if ownership is not claimed and the vessel removed within 30 days, title to the vessel will be applied for in his or its name, or in the name of the municipality, or harbor commission, as appropriate. If any vessel's owner cannot be identified or his address ascertained, or no lienholder appears on the records of the commission, the registered letter need not be sent. L.1975, c.369, s.5; amended 1995, c.401, s.47; 2008, c.52, s.8.

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