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Section: Classification and arrangement; effect on construction

Statute: 12:7A-5

a. Except as provided in section 6 of this act, for each piece of marine equipment principally used in this State, the owner shall make application to the director for a certificate of ownership. b. Except as may be otherwise provided in this act, the Department of Law and Public Safety shall not number or renew the certificate of number of a vessel, which is required to be numbered in this State pursuant to the "New Jersey Boat Act of 1962," P.L.1962, c. 73 (C. 12:7-34.36 et seq.) and is defined as "marine equipment" under section 3 of P.L.1984, c. 152 (C. 12:7A-3), unless a certificate of ownership has been issued by the director to the owner pursuant to this act. L. 1984, c. 152, s.5; amended by L. 1987, c. 138, s. 3.

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