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Section: Construction and effect of statutes compiled or saved from repeal

Statute: 12:7A-21

a. Dealers for both new and used marine equipment in this State shall have a certificate of origin, certificate of ownership, or writing as provided in section 7 of this act for marine equipment in their possession. The director, the State Marine Police Force or any law enforcement officer may demand production of and examine the certificate of origin, certificate of ownership or writing for any marine equipment in the dealer's possession, and examine and inspect marine equipment in a dealer's possession. b. If the demand is not complied with in regard to either inspection of the documents or inspection of the marine equipment, or if the dealer is unable to produce the documents for marine equipment in his possession, or if the documents are not in conformance with the provisions of this act and the regulations adopted thereunder, the director, his agent or any law enforcement officer may seize and take possession of the marine equipment and hold the marine equipment or issue stop use or stop sale orders until the required documents are produced or corrected, if defective, or ownership of the marine equipment is established according to law and to the satisfaction of the director, his agent or the law enforcement agency. If such documents have not been produced or corrected within 24 hours after seizure, the dealer shall pay storage fees to the director, unless the marine equipment remains on the dealer's premises, in a manner similar to that provided by section 16 of this act. c. After 90 days from the date the marine equipment came into the director's possession and during which time documents have not been provided or corrected, the director may sell the marine equipment at public sale upon at least 10 days' written notice of sale to the dealer, served personally or by certified mail, addressed to the dealer at his last known place of business as indicated by the files of the director, and notice of the sale being published for a space of two weeks, once a week, making two insertions in all, in one or more newspapers published and circulating in a county where the dealer had his last known place of business and also by posting the notice in five places in that county. The newspaper and places of posting shall be designated by the director. Upon the sale of the marine equipment, all valid liens and claims for interest therein, if any, shall be transferred from the marine equipment to the proceeds of sale, which, subject thereto, shall become the sole property of the State, to be used as other moneys received by the director pursuant to the provisions of this act. Claims for moneys in excess of the amount realized by the sale, deducting expenses of the sale therefrom, shall be extinguished. d. The director may prescribe procedures for the seizure and storage of any marine equipment. L. 1984, c. 152, s. 21, eff. June 15, 1987.

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