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Section: General rules of construction

Statute: 12:6-1

The board of commerce and navigation shall: a. Investigate and report annually to the governor the routes of the existing inland waterways of this state, the depth of water therein and the use thereof by traffic of business or pleasure, and the advisability and possibility of increasing the use thereof by extension or improvement, together with the reasons therefor; b. Recommend by said report, after such survey as may be rendered possible by appropriation for such purpose, the construction of such additional inland waterways as are best calculated to promote the interests of the people of this state, either by deepening natural streams or channels or the construction of artificial channels, or both; c. Make or have made such surveys as may be authorized; d. Maintain, improve and repair the existing inland waterways and construct and maintain such additional waterways as may be authorized and constructed; and e. Make and enforce proper rules and regulations for the use of the inland waterways.

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