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Section: References to titles, subtitles, chapters, articles and sections

Statute: 12:10-7

The port warden shall be the exclusive surveyor of any vessel which may have suffered wreck or damage or which shall be deemed unfit to proceed to sea. He shall examine the condition of the hull, spars, sails, rigging and all appurtenances thereof, and shall call to his aid carpenters, sailmakers, shipwrights or other persons skilled in their profession who shall not be interested in the matter. All persons so called shall be sworn and each receive a fee of two dollars to be paid by the parties requiring the examination. The warden shall specify what damage has occurred and record in the books of his office a full and particular account of all surveys held on such vessel. He shall be the judge of the repairs necessary to render the vessel again seaworthy, or for the safety of the vessel and the cargo on her intended voyage.

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