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Section: Outlines, analyses and headnotes not part of statutes

Statute: 12:10-6

The port warden, on being notified and requested by any of the parties in interest, shall personally examine the condition and stowage of cargo on board any vessel. If any of the goods are damaged he shall ascertain and make a memorandum of the cause thereof and shall enter the same in full upon the books in his office. If the hatches of any vessel arriving at any place in this state shall be opened first by any person other than the port warden of the county in which such place is situate, and the cargo unloaded is in damaged condition, such facts shall be presumptive evidence that the damage occurred in consequence of improper stowage or negligence on the part of the persons in charge of the vessel, and the owner, consignee or master shall each and all be primarily liable for the damage.

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