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Section: Effect of Revised Statutes and acts hereafter passed upon actions or proceedings commenced prior to the effective date of such legislation

Statute: 11A:2-14

11A:2-14. Notice to employee of right to appeal, alternative procedures. Except as otherwise provided herein, within 20 days of the hearing provided in N.J.S.11A:2-13, the appointing authority shall make a final disposition of the charges against the employee and shall furnish the employee with written notice. If the appointing authority determines that the employee is to be removed, demoted or receive a suspension or a fine greater than five days, the employee shall have a right to appeal to the Civil Service Commission. The suspension or fine of an employee for five days or less shall be appealable if an employee's aggregate number of days suspended or fined in any one calendar year is 15 days or more. Where an employee receives more than three suspensions or fines of five or less days in a calendar year, the last suspension or fine is appealable. When the State of New Jersey and the majority representative have agreed pursuant to the New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act, section 7 of P.L.1968, c.303 (C.34:13A-5.3), to a disciplinary review procedure that provides for binding arbitration of disputes involving disciplinary action in subsection a.(1), (2) and (3) of N.J.S.11A:2-6, which would be otherwise appealable to the Civil Service Commission under N.J.S.11A:2-14, being taken against a permanent employee in the career service or a person serving a working test period, such procedure shall be the exclusive procedure for any appeal of such disciplinary action. Amended 2004, c.104, s.2; 2008, c.119, s.11.

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