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Section: Effect of enactment of Revised Statutes upon existing offices, etc., and the incumbents thereof

Statute: 11A:2-12

11A:2-12. Delegation. The commission may delegate to an appointing authority the responsibility for classifying positions, administering examinations and other technical personnel functions according to prescribed standards, but the commission may not delegate any function of the commission. This delegation shall be written and shall conform to the provisions of this title. The commission may assign staff of the commission to an appointing authority to assist the appointing authority in its delegated personnel duties. The employees shall continue as employees of the commission. All delegation shall be subject to supervision by the commission and post-audit and may be cancelled, modified or limited at any time by the commission. Such delegation is to be performed in consultation with the advisory board representing political subdivisions, and approved by an affected appointing authority when the delegation requires substantial costs. The commission, in consultation with the advisory board representing political subdivisions, shall adopt rules to define substantial costs. Amended 2008, c.29, s.9.

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