Time is Money: Save Time And Make More Money with Legal Practice Software


There is no dispute over the old business adage ‘Time is Money’ , which is especially so in today’s competitive world, whether a person is an employee, a business owner, or a lawyer who bills a lot of hours. Saving time while getting the job done right the first time is not always so straightforward. Cutting corners can lead to shabby work done quickly, which ultimately has a negative effect on one’s business losing customers in the long run, rather than gain customers. Any business has to have the trust of the client if it is to succeed, and nowhere is this more evident than in the practice of law.

Lawyers have gotten a bad rap due to stereotyping in pop culture, and other people’s bitterness about how their legal situation turned out. Sometimes, that just cannot be helped. In every contest of wills, which is essentially what two or more non-attorneys arguing over a legal matter is- a contest of wills in the courtroom- there is a winner and a loser. Whose will was stronger? Whose lawyer did more work on the case and therefore, had the best arguments which won the case? Which party was in the right, legally, if not necessarily morally? These things help to determine who wins or who loses a case.


An attorney can bill for hours and hours of tedious work on a case, only to lose the case because a form was not properly prepared by a Paralegal, or part of the client’s file was mislaid, misfiled, or completely lost. How does that look to the client? How does it look to a judge or a jury? It looks shabby, fly-by-night, and only adds to the negative perception that so many have of attorneys.


Part of the problem is that paralegals can quickly become overburdened in a fast-paced office. Answering phones, filing cases in their proper place in the office, taking dictation and writing out the forms the attorney needs to file, while setting appointments, both for court dates and client interviews both in person and by telephone or even Skype, and handling clients’ payments to the attorney, disbursing payments to the client after taking payment for the attorney’s fees, as well as helping research case law is a pretty tall order! One Paralegal working for one or more attorneys has a very important and large job in the firm. The support a paralegal gives in that firm is absolutely invaluable, but the human factor can never be ruled out. Much of the actual work done that attorneys bill clients for is done by that paralegal.


Paralegals put as many hours into a case for the attorney as the attorney puts into the case. Most attorneys have more than one case they handle simultaneously. What if you could eliminate many of the errors the humans in the office make, get more work done in less time, and bill for the same number of hours? With the right legal practice software, you can. Your paralegal would be able to call up any client’s file with a few clicks. Creating documents could be done from a template provided in the software, or using a macro and include your firm’s logo and/or letterhead where appropriate, keep lists of court contacts, attorney contacts, client information, and other important matters all in one place, without the need for so much paper and ink. You could print the completed paperwork you needed right from your office chair, collect it, and file any motions or proceedings you needed at the courthouse. The right software would also eliminate that clunky, easy-to-misunderstand or erase whiteboard. Appointments would appear on your screen as reminders. A calendar, lists of which attorney (s) in the office had which cases (s), and which paralegal had typed the needed letters, forms, and other paperwork would be listed for your convenience.


You may say, “We already have software to help us in our office systems.” Ask yourself this: “Is my current software helping me and my colleagues as much as this software claims to do?” “How much time is my current software actually saving me?” “Was the software we already have worth the money spent purchasing, installing, and learning to use, compared to the help it gives now?” If the answer to any of these questions is not satisfactory, then consider using The Legal Assistant. The Legal Assistant was developed by attorneys and paralegals for attorneys and paralegals. It will help any size firm work more efficiently, saving man-hours, without sacrificing billable hours, and it is as easy as 1-2-3 to operate once installed in the firm’s private servers.


Once you use The Legal Assistant Software, you’ll wonder why you ever tried anything else. You’ll take some of the stress out of your day, take some of the stress out of your paralegal’s day, and the entire office will run so much more quickly and efficiently. That is going to do you nothing but good.


A very efficient law office is paramount to succeeding in todays legal industry.  An efficient law practice  impresses potential clients, keeps current clients happy, and can only help you win that contest of wills in the courtroom. How will that look to a jury? How will it look to a judge? Time is certainly money. Save time by using The Legal Assistant Software and make more money for less work. If you save time without cutting corners, you can also take on more clients, which brings more money. You can’t go wrong with The Legal Assistant software, and your Assistant and your Paralegal will certainly thank you for it.

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