How to improve client attorney relationships


Traditional Vs The Modern Law Firm

The traditional legal industry has no solution for these types of situation but with the advancement of modern technology and the use of the internet there is a perfect and simple solution for these types of attorney-client concerns – Law Practice Optimization or Legal Practice Optimization (LPO).


Many law firms still rely on paper-file system, snail mail, and face to face appointments with their clients. Apparently, very few of these legal firms are aware of the fact that their lawyer-client relationship may be improved through Legal Practice Optimization.


Legal Practice Optimization allows legal firms to have a virtual law office giving the attorney the opportunity to effectively communicate with their clients wherever they may be and whenever they need to do so.


Legal Practice Optimization and Client Attorney Relationships

How to improve the client attorney relationshipLawyers are well aware of the fact that visibility and communication are one of the main factors any client seeks with their lawyers.  These clients want to feel secure with their legal disputes and wish to know the progress of their cases, sometimes a little too often than the busy attorney would like.  They indeed are appreciative if their lawyers will constantly feed them with any relevant information pertaining to their case.  However, this is a problem if the lawyer lacks a system that will effectively remind him of his daily, weekly, and monthly commitments.


Lawyers are constantly busy with a variety of paper work, pleas, court responses, contract preparation, court hearings, and legal appointments thus every second of his busy lifestyle counts.  Law Practice Optimization provides lawyers the luxury to work wherever they may be.  Electronic correspondences can be linked to their cellular phones so they can respond to it whenever and wherever.  Moreover, it can allow lawyers to discuss serious and sensitive matters pertaining to the case through real time online communications.


Legal Practice Optimization entails the use of Legal Case Management Software software designed to give ease to lawyers and their paralegals when dealing with clients.  Legal staff may provide the basic information on the case even if the lawyer-in-charge is not around with a few simple clicks of the mouse.  Details of the case will immediately be provided on the screen and clients will easily receive the information he or she wishes to know.  Whoever the operator maybe can instantly be familiarized with the individual clients case and relay information over the phone pertaining to the clients circumstances instilling a sense to the client that they are indeed, the law firms number one priority.


Law Practice Optimization removes all excuses for improved client-attorney relationship. It guarantees no delay in the delivery of correspondences, no forgotten appointments, no unprepared legal documents, no late billing statements sent to the client and no wasted time searching for legal files.


Increase your chances of attracting more clients by adopting Legal Practice Optimization in your law firms.  Do not waste time, money and effort due to unnecessary legal clutters in the offices and forgotten schedules and deadlines. Transform your office into a modern legal firm which will be model law office of tomorrow.





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