Family law practice software imageModern technology continues to improve the life of attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries throughout the United States.  The Legal Assistant is one of the companies participating in this technological change.  The Legal Assistant has added recently their newest product, The Family Law Assistant (TFLA).  TFLA provides to family attorneys a simple and yet profound case management system to improve law office management, efficiency, quality of work, and help provide peace of mind to the family law practitioner.


Practicing in the family law area has its own distinct problems and sophistications.  This new family law software provides the case management, contact management, and document management services needed in order for family law practitioners to practice more efficiently and lower the cost of doing business.


The software, TFLA, was developed over the years primarily from two sources.  First, the software was designed by and in consultation with attorneys thoroughly experienced in the particular problems in the practice of family law.  As in all areas of law today in the United States, the attorney, paralegal, and legal secretary need to practice only in areas that they are able to provide appropriate and competent services.  Developed with these family law experts, TFLA allows experienced attorneys and newer attorneys, to both practice safely and productively.  Second, there are the years of experience that The Legal Assistant has had in the use by attorneys throughout the United States of our previous products, The Personal Injury Assistant, The Real Estate Assistant and The Criminal Law Assistant.


A partial list of the specific areas that are covered in this software, TFLA, includes:


  • Time management and billing system
  • Document assembly
  • Legal calendaring
  • Contact management
  • Case management
  • Clients, Dependents and Spouse Database
  • County Court & Judge Database (New Jersey by default)
  • Attorney Database (New Jersey by default)
  • Expert Database


While this program comes with a default set of data for New Jersey, including judges, court data and other information, the complete package dovetails perfectly with the use of court forms in other jurisdictions.  For example, in California, fillable all court forms are provided by the governing State Judicial Council.  Those forms are available at, are able to be uniquely filled out on your computer, and relate to the case management aspect of your case provided by The Legal Assistant.


Of course, there is constant updating of the system because of not only the change in technology, but also the constant change in court personnel, information concerning the court system, and general databases.


The TFLA, The Family Law Assistant, contains pre-designed family law templates for divorce, domestic violence, pre-nuptial agreements, visitation, child support, child abuse, child custody, military divorce and spousal support, but also allows you to use a customizable database which allows you to add in other areas of family law practice.  In all circumstances, the forms can be modified to fit your case.  In addition, the workflow management of the TFLA software allows you to modify it easily in order to optimize the custom workflow system already in place in your office.


The Legal Assistant allows you to manage all aspects of the case, and use the court forms independently. All systems work within one software application which allows you to smoothly transition from one type of work on an individual case, and also transition smoothly with no change of software to another client.  Importantly, TFLA is also extremely easy to use, and The Legal Assistant provides free chat and webinars.  You can sign up at any time for the seminars, and of course, the legal chat results in either immediate results during business hours, or a response the next day.


All of the programs of The Legal Assistant work from the same database so that other work such as real estate or criminal law is easily accessed.  TFLA is also fully compatible with Microsoft Office and allows you to use Outlook, Word and Excel seamlessly.


Finally, The Legal Assistant includes financing functionality, which allows you to get the complete package including the time management and billing system for just $75.00 per month with only a six-month commitment.  This pricing system allows all legal practitioners to easily afford the upgrade in their practice of law, which in a short period of time saves them money, increases their efficiency and provides them with peace of mind, which sometimes can be difficult in the field of family law.

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