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Section: Effect of definitions on treaties, compacts, or agreements

Statute: 9:10-3

9:10-3. A county school of detention shall be arranged and conducted so far as practicable for the safe custody of the inmates and so far as duration of commitment permits for their training for good citizenship and self-support. There shall be ample ground for farming or gardening and shops or other means for industrial training and the institution shall be maintained or conducted as a home. To this end a superintendent and such teachers, matrons, masters, farmers and other employees shall be employed by the board of directors as in their judgment may be necessary for the proper maintenance of the school and grounds and the proper care, instruction and training of the children. The superintendent shall be a competent person of good moral character and shall reside in the school. The superintendent or principal teacher shall prepare and adopt a course of study and training for the pupils of the school subject to approval of the board of directors and the State Board of Education. The teachers shall have the qualifications and certificates of public school teachers in the public schools of this State. The principal teacher shall be the supervising principal and the school shall be entitled to apportionment of school moneys as a school district under the supervision of a supervising principal. The teachers and principals shall make such reports and keep such records as are required in other school districts in the county. The superintendent shall employ, subject to the approval of the board of directors, such additional help as may be necessary for the maintenance of buildings and grounds. The compensation and terms of service of superintendent and other employees shall be fixed by the board of directors. Whatever sum in addition to money received from the State is necessary to operate the school shall be appropriated by the governing body of the county. All bills shall be paid by the custodian of the school's moneys on order signed by the president and secretary of the board of directors. Amended L.1990,c.26,s.6.

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