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Section: Notice

Statute: 58:16A-51

As used in this act, unless the context indicates another or different meaning or intent: (a) "Channel" means a watercourse with definite bed and banks which confine and conduct continuously or intermittently flowing water; (b) "Floodway" means the channel of a natural stream and portions of the flood hazard area adjoining the channel, which are reasonably required to carry and discharge the flood water or flood flow of any natural stream; (c) "Flood hazard area" means the floodway and the flood fringe area as determined by the department under section 3 hereof; (d) "Relative risk" means the varying degrees of hazard to life and property in a flood hazard area which are occasioned by differences in depth and velocity of flood waters covering and flowing over it; (e) "Flood fringe area" means that portion of the flood hazard area not delineated as the floodway; (f) "Department" means the Department of Environmental Protection. (g) "Person" means and shall include corporations, companies, associations, societies, firms, partnerships and joint stock companies as well as individuals, and shall also include all political subdivisions of this State or any agencies or instrumentalities thereof. L.1962, c. 19, s. 2. Amended by L.1972, c. 185, s. 3, eff. Dec. 14, 1972; L.1979, c. 359, s. 3, eff. Jan. 31, 1980.

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