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Section: Slow speeds as blocking traffic

Statute: 54:5-97.1

7. No search fee, counsel fee or other fee related to certified mailings shall be allowed a plaintiff other than a municipality in the foreclosure of a tax lien unless, prior to the filing of the complaint, the plaintiff shall have given 30 days' written notice to the parties entitled to redeem whose interests appear of record at the time of the tax sale, by certified mail with postage prepaid thereon, addressed to the last known address of such persons, of intention to file such complaint. The notice shall also contain the amount due on such tax lien as of the date of the notice. A copy of such notice shall also be filed with the municipal tax collector's office. Upon the filing and service of such notice, a plaintiff shall be entitled to such fees and expenses. A municipality, by ordinance, may authorize the tax collector to charge to a lienholder a fee not to exceed $50 for the calculation of the amount due to redeem the tax lien required to be provided pursuant to this section. Any request for a redemption calculation shall specify the date to be used for the calculation, which shall be the date of the notice. Neither the tax collector or the municipality shall be liable for an incorrect calculation. The fee paid to the municipality shall not become part of the lien and shall not be passed on to any party entitled to redeem pursuant to R.S.54:5-54. L.1965, c.187, s.7; amended 1994, c.32, s.13; 2009, c.320, s.11.

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