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Section: Effect of disposition

Statute: 54:4-48

The county board of taxation shall enter all changes or additions on the various tax lists and duplicates, and, upon ascertaining the total amount of tax to be raised, fix and adjust the amount of State school, State and county tax to be levied in each taxing district in the county in proportion to the respective values hereof, and the amount to be levied in each taxing district for local purposes as certified to it. The county board of taxation shall also apportion the amount to be levied in each taxing district for purposes of consolidated and regional school districts and school districts comprising two or more taxing districts. It shall cause each assessor to enter in appropriate columns upon the tax lists and duplicates for his respective taxing district the net corrected value assessed to each person for both real and personal property, and to enter the addition of the items of each column at the foot thereof, on every page, the rates per dollar, which shall be such as according to the valuation on the duplicate will be sufficient to produce the sum required, and to extend on the duplicates, (a) The amount of tax computed on each assessment at that rate, and (b) The amount of tax to be paid on each such assessment which shall be computed by deducting from the amount of tax computed under subsection (a) of this section any deduction from the tax allowed according to law. Notwithstanding the provisions of any law to the contrary, any real property for which State aid payments shall be made to a municipality pursuant to section 21 of P.L.1966, c. 139 (C. 54:29A-24.3), shall be included in the total ratables of the taxing district wherein such real property is located but shall not be included for the purpose of determining the net valuation upon which the tax rate of the municipality is computed. Amended by L.1956, c. 93, p. 188, s. 1; L.1963, c. 173, s. 5; L.1978, c. 16, s. 2.

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