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Section: State treasurer; enforcement; powers

Statute: 54:4-36

(a) The assessor shall annex to his assessment list and duplicate so filed, his affidavit in substantially the following form: "I, , as assessor of the of , do swear (or affirm) that the foregoing list contains the valuations of all the property liable to taxation in the taxing district in which I am assessor, and that such property has been valued without favor or partiality, at its taxable value and I have allowed only such exemptions as are prescribed by law." (b) If applicable, the following statement required by R.S. 54:4-11 shall be added to the foregoing affidavit: "I do further swear (or affirm) that, for the tax year 19 , I have completed and put into operation a district-wide adjustment of real property taxable valuations and such taxable valuations conform to the percentage level established for such year for expressing the taxable value of real property in the county." Amended by L.1942, c. 281, p. 1096, s. 5; L.1943, c. 120, p. 354, s. 5; L.1945, c. 163, p. 578, s. 7; L.1945, c. 260, p. 789, s. 2; L.1955, c. 244, p. 921, s. 1; L.1960, c. 51, s. 31.

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