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Section: Revocation of pollution abatement certificate

Statute: 54:4-3.58

The State Commissioner of Health, after giving notice to the holder of a pollution abatement certificate and giving said holder an opportunity for a hearing, may revoke such certificate whenever any of the following appears: (a) The certificate was obtained by fraud or misrepresentation; (b) The claimant for tax exemption has failed substantially to proceed with the construction, reconstruction, installation or acquisition of pollution control facilities; (c) The structure or equipment or both to which the certificate relates has ceased to be used for the primary purpose of pollution control and is being used for a different primary purpose; (d) The claimant for tax exemption hereunder has so departed from the equipment, design and construction previously certified by the State Commissioner of Health that, in the opinion of said commissioner, the primary purpose of such installation is no longer the prevention of pollution as above defined or the installation is not suitable and reasonably adequate for the purpose for which certified; (e) Performance of the equipment as installed is not, in the opinion of said commissioner, suitable and reasonably adequate for the primary purpose for which certified; and in lieu of revocation, the commissioner may modify such certificate in accordance with the facts presented. The commissioner shall forward a copy of the notice of revocation or modification of any such certificate to the assessor of the taxing district in which the equipment involved is located. L.1966, c. 127, s. 3.

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