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Section: Rights of person with disabilities.

Statute: 54:4-109

The governing body of any municipality may compromise, settle and adjust any past due municipal charges, as herein defined, by accepting, in full satisfaction thereof, a conveyance to the municipality of the property upon or against which such municipal charges have been levied and assessed, and simultaneously therewith leasing all or any part of said property so conveyed to such grantor or his assignee, for such period of time and upon such rental and other terms and conditions as such governing body shall by ordinance determine to be for the best interest of said municipality, among which terms and conditions may be included an option to purchase all or any part of said property, but the purchase price fixed in said option shall be not less than the following: the total amount due said municipality for such municipal charges upon said leased property at the date of the conveyance to the municipality, with interest at six per cent per annum to the time of the exercise of the option, plus or minus, as the case may be, the amount, if any, by which the municipal charges that would have been levied against the leased property, except for such conveyance, (calculated upon the assessment against the leased lands for the year the conveyance to the municipality is made), exceeds or is less than the rentals received for said property between the date of the conveyance to the municipality and the date of the exercise of the option, provided, that at the time of such conveyance to such municipality, said property shall be free and clear of all liens other than those existing in favor of such municipality by reason of such municipal charges.

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