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Section: Responsibility for notification.

Statute: 52:9M-17.1

a. Any person who shall willfully refuse to answer a question or questions or produce evidence after being ordered to do so by the State Commission of Investigation in accordance with the act to which this act is a supplement P.L.1968, c. 266 (C. 52:9M-1 et seq.) is guilty of a high misdemeanor until September 1, 1979, when such person shall be guilty of a crime of the second degree. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person imprisoned pursuant to this section shall be eligible for parole or reconsideration of sentence except upon a showing that after imposition of the sentence he testified or furnished the required evidence at a time when the commission's needs were substantially met. Action against such person shall ensue upon a complaint signed by the chairman upon resolution of the commission. Such complaint shall be referred for prosecution to the Attorney General. b. The trial of a defendant for an indictment made pursuant to this act shall be stayed pending the disposition of any review on appeal of the commission's order to testify and the indictment shall be dismissed if the order to testify is set aside on appeal or if, within 30 days after the order to testify is sustained on appeal, the defendant notifies the commission that he will comply with the order and does so promptly upon being afforded an opportunity to do so. c. Any period of incarceration for contempt of an order of the commission shall be credited against any period of imprisonment to which a defendant is sentenced pursuant to subsection a. of this section. L.1979, c. 254, s. 13, eff. Dec. 21, 1979.

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