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Section: Disposition of delinquency cases.

Statute: 52:32-43

1. The amount of any bond required under a State contract may be established at any percentage, not exceeding 100%, of the amount bid, based upon the contracting agency's assessment of the risk presented to the State by the type of contract and other relevant factors, and the contracting agency may waive the bond requirement of this section entirely if the contract is for a sum not exceeding $200,000. The bond percentage required shall be identified in the State contract bid documents prior to the contract bidding date. As used in this section: "contracting agency" means the State or any board, commission, committee, authority or agency of the State; and "State contract" means any purchase, contract or agreement the cost or contract price of which is to be paid, in whole or in part, with or out of State funds. L.1995,c.38,s.1.

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