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Section: Fact sheet for distribution to unemancipated pregnant minors

Statute: 52:31-1.8

3. When a determination is made by the head or principal executive of any State department to sell and convey all or any part of the State's interest in any real property held by the department and the improvements thereon or to grant an easement in or across such property, without regard to the value of the property or easement, upon a finding that the department does not require such property or interest for any public purpose and that such sale is in the best interests of the State or that a grant of such easement is in the best interests of the State, the department shall notify in writing the governing body of each municipality in which the property is located that the determination has been made by the department for the sale or conveyance of the State's interest or the grant of an easement. The notice shall be made regardless of the value of the property and also shall state whether approval by the State House Commission is required prior to the sale or conveyance or grant. The notice shall be sent at least 14 days prior to any further action taken by the department after the determination in order to permit a municipal review and formulation of a response, if any. This notification shall apply to all property to be sold or conveyed or for which an easement is to be granted pursuant to the authorization granted by P.L.1962, c.220 (C.52:31-1.1 et seq.) or pursuant to any other statute or authority. L.1997,c.135,s.3.

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