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Section: Written recommendations by board

Statute: 52:27D-472

24. a. The board may make written recommendations as to any aspect of the plan and any related fiscal matters of the municipality or the district agent which, in the determination of the board, must be changed in order to effectuate the plan, and the board may condition its approval of the plan upon the adoption of its recommendations. b. The board shall approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove the plan within 60 days of its receipt of an application which the board has deemed to be complete. If the board does not act within 60 days the plan shall be deemed approved. If the board disapproves the plan it shall set forth its reasons in writing within 30 days of its disapproval. The governing body, upon recommendation of the district agent, may amend the ordinance and resubmit it to the board. c. Upon receipt of the approved ordinance from the board the municipal governing body may adopt the ordinance at a meeting of the governing body by a majority of the authorized membership thereof. Any changes to the plan as embodied in the ordinance, including the pledge or utilization of eligible revenues subject, however, to any rights of bondholders shall be by amendment of the ordinance adopted and approved by the same method as prescribed in section 17 of P.L.2001, c.310 (C.52:27D-465) in connection with the proposed preliminary revenue allocation plan included in the ordinance establishing the district. L.2001,c.310,s.24.

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