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Section: Eligible revenues

Statute: 52:27D-469

21. The plan may include one or more of the following eligible revenues if the municipality is otherwise authorized by law to collect such revenues: a. incremental payments in lieu of taxes, with respect to property located in the district, made pursuant to the "Five-Year Exemption and Abatement Law," P.L.1991, c.441 (C.40A:21-1 et seq.) or the "Long Term Tax Exemption Law," P.L.1991, c.431 (C.40A:20-1 et al.); b. incremental revenues from payroll or wage taxes with respect to activities carried on within the district; c. incremental revenue from lease payments made to the municipality or district agent with respect to property located in the district; d. incremental revenue from payments in lieu of taxes or service charges with respect to property located within the district; e. incremental revenue from parking taxes derived from parking facilities located within the district; f. admissions and sales taxes received from the operation of a public facility which the district agent is authorized by law to retain; g. sales and excise taxes which are derived from activities within the district and which are rebated to or retained by the municipality pursuant to the "New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zones Act," P.L.1983, c.303 (C.52:27H-60 et seq.) or any other law providing for such rebate or retention; h. parking revenue from public parking facilities built as part of a project except for public parking facilities owned by parking authorities pursuant to the "Parking Authority Law," P.L.1948, c.198 (C.40:11A-1 et seq.); i. assessments as allowed by law that are levied against properties in a district, if consented to by the governing body of the municipality in which the district is situated; j. the property tax increment. The incremental revenue for the revenues listed in subsections b., c., d. and e. of this section shall be calculated as the difference between the amount collected in any calendar year from any eligible revenue source included in the plan, less the revenue increment base for that eligible revenue. L.2001,c.310,s.21.

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