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Section: Residents' organizations; quarterly meeting.

Statute: 52:27D-345

16. a. Residents living in a facility which holds a certificate of authority issued pursuant to this act have the right of self-organization. No retaliatory conduct shall be permitted against a resident for organization or membership or participation in a residents' organization; for the resident's lawful efforts to secure or enforce his rights under the continuing care agreement, the laws of the State of New Jersey or its governmental subdivisions, or of the United States; or for the resident's good faith complaint to a governmental authority of the provider's alleged violation of any health or safety law, regulation, code or ordinance or State law or regulation which has as its objective the regulation of the facility or the delivery of health care services. b. The board of directors or other governing body, or a designated representative who is not the chief executive officer or other staff member, of a continuing care facility shall hold quarterly meetings with the residents or their elected representatives of the facility, for the purpose of free discussion of subjects which may include income, expenditures and financial matters as they apply to the facility and proposed changes in policies, programs and services. Any questions on these subjects may be raised at each quarterly meeting, except for confidential personnel matters, and shall be answered or explained promptly when possible, or within a reasonable period of time. Residents shall be given at least seven days' notice of each quarterly meeting. c. The provider shall designate and make knowledgeable personnel available to address resident complaints about the operation and management of the facility. d. The board of directors or other governing body of a facility shall consult and discuss with the representatives of the residents any proposed action that might significantly affect the well-being of the residents or the financial stability of the facility, before taking the proposed action. e. The board of directors or other governing body of a facility shall include at least one resident as a full voting member of the board or body. Resident members shall be nominated by the elected representatives of the residents and selected by the board of directors or other governing body. If the board of directors or other governing body governs more than one facility, the occupancy of each seat on that body that is reserved for a resident member shall rotate among the facilities governed by that body on a term-by-term basis. L.1986, c.103, s.16; amended 2007, c.192, s.1.

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