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Section: Register of Housing Projects, requirements, reports

Statute: 52:27D-307.2

2. a. The commissioner shall cause to be established and kept a Register of Housing Projects. The register shall list all projects for which proposal or application has been submitted for assistance under any program of loans, grants or other financial aid administered by the department, including programs administered by the agency, or for which the offices of the department have been solicited in furthering an application for such assistance from any other program of like nature administered by another agency or instrumentality of the State or of the United States government. b. The register shall identify each such project by name and location, and shall identify the proposed sponsor or developer thereof. If the proposed sponsor or developer is a corporation, association or partnership, the register shall identify by name and address each stockholder, member or partner whose participation therein represents an equity interest exceeding five percent. No application or proposal relating to a project for which the information required by this subsection is not made available to the commissioner shall be received or entertained by the department or any division, bureau, officer or employee thereof, or by the agency; nor shall any action upon such application or proposal heretofore received or entertained be taken after the effective date of this act until the required information is made available to the commissioner. c. The commissioner shall, not later than the 90th day next following the effective date of this act, file with the Governor and Legislature a copy of the register upon its compilation in accordance with this section, and thereafter shall promptly report to the Governor and Legislature any additional projects to be included therein. The register and subsequent reports shall include for each project the priority designation assigned to it pursuant to section 3 of this act. The register and subsequent supplements pursuant to this subsection shall be filed with the Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the General Assembly, and shall be a public record. L.1991,c.479,s.2.

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