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Section: Annual economic benefit for certain neighboring municipalities

Statute: 52:27D-28.3

In addition to its already-prescribed powers and duties, the Division on Aging, upon consultation with the State Commission on Aging, shall: a. Formulate a comprehensive, Statewide master plan which identifies the needs of the senior citizens in this State; recommends programs to locate and assist this segment of the State's population, especially those who are living in conditions hazardous to their physical health, are abused, neglected or destitute, or are unable to cope with their daily affairs and to provide themselves with minimal subsistence and living comforts; provides guidelines for the agencies concerned with senior citizens in the political subdivisions of the State which seek State and Federal funds; and suggests methods to coordinate the services provided to senior citizens by departments and agencies of the State and by the political subdivisions thereof. Said master plan shall be submitted to the Governor and Legislature no later than 18 months following the enactment of this act. b. Review annually and, if necessary, revise the Statewide master plan and submit a report to the Governor and the Legislature containing an evaluation of the preceding year's program (including the total number of senior citizens served, the types of problems encountered, the actions taken), the revisions recommended in the master plan, and the programs recommended for the next fiscal year. L.1975, c. 36, s. 3, eff. March 13, 1975.

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