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Section: Statutes containing references to certain summary proceedings

Statute: 52:27D-24

The office of supervisor of hotel fire safety in the Department of Law and Public Safety together with all of its functions, powers and duties, is continued, but such office is transferred to and constituted the office of supervisor of hotel fire safety in the Bureau of Housing Inspection of the Division of Housing and Urban Renewal in the Department of Community Affairs established hereunder. Such office shall continue to have all of the powers and shall exercise all of the functions and duties vested in, or imposed upon, it by law. The authority vested pursuant to existing law to appoint the supervisor of hotel fire safety is hereby transferred to and vested in the Commissioner of Community Affairs. Said supervisor shall serve at the pleasure of the commissioner and shall receive such compensation as shall be approved by the commissioner and the President of the Civil Service Commission subject to availability of funds. The supervisor shall be subject to the provisions of Title 11, Civil Service. The commissioner shall assign to the office of hotel fire safety such employees in the department as may be necessary to the supervisor in the performance of his duties. L.1966, c. 293, s. 24.

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