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Section: Additional provisions concerning expedited permit mechanisms.

Statute: 52:27D-146

The commissioner is authorized to make grants to political subdivisions to help finance activities, approved by the commissioner in accordance with this act, which will promote the restoration and rehabilitation of threatened but still viable neighborhoods. Activities to be assisted under this act may include but shall not be limited to: a. Intensive code enforcement in deteriorating areas in which such enforcement, together with public improvements and community services to be provided, may be expected to arrest the decline of the neighborhood area; b. Financial assistance in respect to rehabilitation of privately owned properties pursuant to "The Neighborhood Preservation Housing Rehabilitation Loan and Grant Act of 1975," now pending before the Legislature as Assembly Bill No. 3395; c. Rehabilitation or clearance, demolition and removal of buildings and improvements where appropriate to the preservation of neighborhoods; d. Provision of public services of a type or quality not otherwise available in areas where other activities assisted under this act are being carried out in a concentrated manner, if such services are determined to be necessary or appropriate to support such other activities; e. Acquisition of real property or any interest therein which property exerts a blighting influence on a stable but threatened neighborhood or is appropriate for rehabilitation or conservation activities or is to be used for the provision of public works, facilities, improvements or recreational opportunities; f. Acquisition, construction, reconstruction or installation of public works, facilities, and site or other improvements; g. Disposition (through sale, lease, donation or otherwise) of any real property acquired pursuant to this act or its retention for public purposes; h. Planning of neighborhood programs intended to be implemented by means eligible for a grant pursuant to this act; and i. Administration of activities implementation of which is assisted, or is eligible for assistance, pursuant to this act. All activities assisted under this act shall be implemented as otherwise provided by law. L.1975, c. 248, s. 5, eff. Oct. 30, 1975.

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