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Section: Regulated universe of business entities

Statute: 52:27D-139

All construction regulations incorporated in any act of the State of New Jersey, or of any municipality presently in effect, or validly promulgated or enacted by any board, department, commission or agency thereof shall continue in effect until such time as any such regulation is superseded by appropriate regulations promulgated pursuant to this act, at which time they shall be deemed repealed and superseded, and of no further force and effect. A construction permit issued under valid construction regulations prior to the promulgation of the code shall remain valid, and the construction of any building or structure may be completed pursuant to and in accordance with said permit. The construction of any building or structure started before the promulgation of the code that did not as of the date of the beginning of the construction require a construction permit may be completed without a construction permit. Nothing contained in this act or the code shall be deemed to affect, repeal or invalidate local zoning ordinances or the regulation or licensing of any trade or profession engaged in construction work. L.1975, c. 217, s. 21.

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