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Section: Schedule for payment of fees

Statute: 52:27D-122

It is hereby found and declared: a. That a multiplicity of construction codes currently exists in this State and some of these codes contain needless restrictions which limit the use of certain materials, techniques or products without any benefits to the public. Moreover, the variation of construction standards caused by the multiplicity of codes slows the process of construction and increases the costs of construction. b. That the way to insure uniform, modern construction standards and regulations throughout the State of New Jersey which will lower the cost of housing and other construction without any detriment to the public health, safety and welfare is to adopt a uniform State construction code. c. That the need of new construction in the State can be met in part by the use of premanufactured systems which are fabricated in the geographical region of the United States of which New Jersey is a part and that a uniform construction code should include standards to permit the use of such systems. d. That the model codes of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc., the National Electrical Code and the National Standard Plumbing Code, or modification thereof, are construction codes which have been widely adopted in this State and in the geographical region of the United States of which New Jersey is a part and adoption of these nationally recognized codes pursuant to this act will insure that the State has a uniform, modern construction code which will insure health, safe, and sanitary construction but also less expensive construction for the citizens of this State. L.1975, c. 217, s. 4.

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