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Section: Incarceration -- aggravating and mitigating factors.

Statute: 52:18-44

3. a. Notwithstanding any law, rule, regulation, or order to the contrary, any business to which there is disbursed, by or through that or any other public entity, any financial assistance in an aggregate amount totaling $50 million or more, for the cost of undertaking any redevelopment project, project involving remediation, or environmental infrastructure project pursuant to one or more contracts with any public entity, shall file with the public entity and with the State Treasurer, not later than the 30th day following such disbursement, and annually thereafter for the duration of such contract or contracts, audited financial statements and reports concerning the activities of the project or projects and of such business, including any parent or holding company of the business, as prepared by an independent certified public accountant. Such financial statements shall include, but not be limited to, a balance sheet, statement of income or loss, and statement of changes in financial position. If the financial statements are not received by the public entity by the deadlines established hereinabove, the public entity shall increase the amount of the percentage of funds retained or placed into an escrow account in accordance with the provisions of subsection b. of section 2 of this act by: (1) five percent for any statement 120 or fewer days past the deadline; (2) ten percent for any statement more than 120 but less than 181 days past the deadline; and (3) 15 percent for any statement 181 or more days past the deadline. b. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any business that is required to file such financial statements under federal law or other State law. c. Each business reporting under this section shall disclose to the public entity on a rapid and current basis such additional information concerning material changes in the financial condition or operations of the business as the public entity determines is necessary or useful for the protection of the public interest. This information shall be expressed in plain English and, if the public entity so requires, shall include trend and qualitative information and graphic presentations. L.2009, c.136, s.3.

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