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Section: Administration and enforcement

Statute: 52:18-30

Nothing contained in section 52:18-29 of this title shall apply to or affect: a. The state school fund, or the income thereof; b. The disbursement of 1. The state school tax; 2. Moneys derived from the acts to tax real and personal property in the several municipalities for state road purposes; 3. The United States appropriation to the agricultural college; 4. The United States appropriation for disabled soldiers; 5. The United States appropriation for disabled soldiers, sailors, marines and their wives; 6. The agricultural college fund; 7. The taxes for the use of taxing districts in this state; 8. The moneys received by the state from the taxation of railroad and canal property, which may be by law apportioned to the various counties for school purposes; 9. Moneys received by commissioners of the Palisades Interstate park; 10. Moneys paid into the state treasury, which by direction of the executive or by statute is paid to any institution or department of this state, from the United States treasury by act of congress, or which may be retained by any board or commission in accordance with the provisions of section 45:1-3 of the title Professions and Occupations.

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