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Section: Classification and arrangement; effect on construction

Statute: 52:13-5

Whenever, in any investigation or inquiry by any committee constituted by joint resolution of the legislature to enter upon or make such investigation or inquiry, any witness summoned or subpoenaed to appear before such committee to testify or to produce books, documents, papers or records, shall willfully neglect or refuse to appear in obedience to the summons or subpoena, or shall willfully neglect or refuse to produce any books, documents, papers or records commanded to be produced by the summons or subpoena, or shall refuse to be sworn or affirmed, or shall refuse to answer any question put to him which the committee shall decide to be proper and pertinent to such investigation or inquiry, or shall in any other way contemn the authority or privileges of the legislature, and the facts alleged to constitute any such contempt shall have been reported by any such committee to the legislature, the alleged contemner shall be tried, and the alleged contempt determined, as hereinafter provided.

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