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Section: Repeals

Statute: 52:11-68

It shall be the duty of the Legislative Budget and Finance Officer to: a. At the request of the Legislature or any member thereof, collect and assemble factual information relating to the fiscal affairs of the State; b. At the request of the Legislature or any member thereof, examine requests for appropriations and receive and investigate the truth, fairness and correctness of all claims against the State for payment of which appropriations are to be requested; c. Report to the Legislature through the Joint Appropriations Committee, or in such other manner as shall be directed by the Legislature, upon the foregoing and as to any other matter which may be of assistance to said committee or the Legislature in forming an independent judgment in the determination of any fiscal matters before it and attend upon the Joint Appropriations Committee during its sittings and hearings and perform such services for it as it shall direct; d. Provide the Legislature with expenditure information and, upon request, performance analyses of programs and transactions. L. 1979, c. 8, s. 15. Amended by L. 1985, c. 162, s. 12, eff. May 2, 1985.

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