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Section: Costs allowed in discretion of court

Statute: 52:11-59

Executive Director. The commission shall appoint an Executive Director to serve as the secretary of the commission and as the chief executive officer of the commission and the Office of Legislative Services, who shall be qualified by training and experience in legislative and governmental processes. He shall serve at the pleasure of the commission and shall devote his entire time to the duties of his office. He shall organize the office with such subordinate units as shall be necessary for the duties and responsibilities of the office and shall be responsible for the general supervision and direction of the work of the office. Subject to commission approval the Executive Director shall employ professional and clerical personnel, including associate and assistant counsel, revisers of statutes, auditors, and research and fiscal analysts, and shall provide for the assignment of personnel to aid in the performance of any project or responsibility of the office. The Executive Director shall be the appointing authority and request officer for the office. The Executive Director shall inform the commission of the need for or usefulness of advisory panels to assist the commission and the office in its duties and to cooperate with all advisory panels appointed under the provisions of this act. L. 1979, c. 8, s. 6. Amended by L. 1985, c. 162, s. 4, eff. May 2, 1985.

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