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Section: State treasurer released from responsibility under original lease

Statute: 52:11-57

Duties of the commission. a. It is the duty and responsibility of the commission: (1) To carry on the work of continuous revision of the general and permanent statute law of the State, by causing to be conducted a continuous examination thereof and of the judicial decisions construing the same, and by causing to be prepared and to be submitted to the Legislature for its action thereon from time to time legislative bills designed to revise such portions of the general and permanent statute law as in the judgment of the commission may be necessary to remedy defects therein, to accomplish improvement thereof and to maintain the same in revised, consolidated and simplified form under the general plan and classification of the Revised Statutes; (2) To provide accurate budgetary, fiscal and program performance, evaluation and analysis, legal assistance, information and advice and informatory and research services to the standing reference, joint and special legislative committees and commissions and to the officers and members of the Legislature; (3) To study the methods, practices and procedures employed by the Legislature and from time to time make such recommendations for their improvement and modernization as the commission shall deem desirable; (4) Through the Office of Legislative Services to plan, provide for and coordinate administrative, housekeeping and other general services on behalf of the Legislature in the areas of purchasing, data processing, facilities, public educational programs and legislative district offices in accordance with the joint rules governing the operation of the district offices. b. The commission is hereby designated as the permanent law revision agency of the State and all proposed revision laws and proposals of like character which are developed as a result of any legislative commission or committee shall be submitted to the commission for examination and study and report, including its recommendations, to the Legislature, before being introduced in the Legislature. c. The officers and employees of the Office of Legislative Services shall, except as otherwise fixed by law, receive such compensation as shall from time to time be fixed by the commission in accordance with a compensation plan to be established by it and as shall be within the limits of available appropriations therefor. L. 1979, c. 8, s. 4. Amended by L. 1985, c. 162, s. 2, eff. May 2, 1985.

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