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Section: Effect of definitions on treaties, compacts, or agreements

Statute: 52:11-3

The officers and employees of the house of assembly, except the presiding officer, shall be those named herein, and no others, who shall severally receive the annual compensation specified herein, which compensation shall be in full payment of all their services, subject to the deductions provided by section 52:11-4 of this title: Clerk of the house, twenty-five hundred dollars. Assistant clerk, twelve hundred dollars. Calendar clerk, five hundred dollars. Speaker's secretary, one thousand dollars. Speaker's assistant secretary, five hundred dollars. Journal clerk, one thousand dollars. Two assistant journal clerks, five hundred dollars each. Supervisor of bills, thirteen hundred dollars. Three assistant supervisors of bills, six hundred dollars each. Sergeant at arms, seven hundred dollars. Two assistant sergeants at arms, five hundred dollars each. Bill clerk and one assistant bill clerk, five hundred dollars each. Clerk to committee on printed bills, five hundred dollars. Twelve clerks to committees, to be assigned to duty by the clerk of the house, three hundred and fifty dollars each. Three stenographers, five hundred dollars each. Clerk to majority leader and clerk to minority leader, five hundred dollars each. Twelve doorkeepers, three hundred and fifty dollars each. Fifteen file clerks, three hundred dollars each. Ten pages, two hundred dollars each.

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