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Section: Effect to be given certain statutory references upon taking effect of acts adopting new Titles 2A and 3A

Statute: 50:1-28

50:1-28. The commissioner shall cause the leased lands to be measured, and the metes and bounds thereof ascertained and recorded so that the limits thereof may be accurately fixed and easily located. The official survey base shall be the "New Jersey system of plane coordinates" as defined in article 2 of chapter 3 of Title 51 of the Revised Statutes. The department shall survey parcels of bottom not leased at the time of application. The commissioner shall cause the leased lands to be mapped, and the maps to be filed in the office of the department. The expense of surveying, measuring, locating and mapping any ground or grounds shall be paid by the applicant therefor before the applicant shall be entitled to a lease or leases for the ground or grounds. Amended 1979, c.199, s.20; 2007, c.338, s.14.

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