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Section: Seat belt usage study

Statute: 48:5A-36.1

1. a. Every cable television company which provides cable television reception service shall permit a residential subscriber who receives such service to designate a third party to whom the cable television company shall transmit a copy of any notice of termination of service. The subscriber shall notify the cable television company that a third party has been so designated. Such notification shall be authorized on an appropriate form for recording this designation, and shall be effective not later than 10 business days from the date of receipt by the cable television company. The notification shall contain, in writing, an acceptance by the third party designee to receive copies of any notices of termination of service of the subscriber's cable television reception service. b. The transmission to the third party designee of a copy of the termination of service notice shall be in addition to the original document transmitted to the subscriber. The copy of the termination of service notice transmitted to the third party shall be governed by the same law and policy provisions which govern the notice being transmitted to the subscriber. c. Designation as a third party shall not constitute acceptance of any liability on the part of the third party for payment of the cable television bill. d. The cable television company shall notify every residential subscriber annually in writing of the availability of the third party designee notice procedures and provide information on how the subscriber can commence this procedure, except that notice need not be provided once a subscriber has made a designation. A cable television company may provide this required annual notice to its residential subscribers in any manner that the cable television company determines. L.2004,c.106,s.1.

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