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Section: Statutes containing references to "term of court"

Statute: 48:5A-25

25. A municipal consent issued pursuant to this act shall conform in form and substance to all requirements of this act and of rules, regulations and orders duly promulgated by the director. It shall specify with particularity the territory to which it applies, and the term for which it is issued. Such term shall not exceed 15 years or 20 years if the board certifies that a CATV company has implemented an open video system in accordance with 47 U.S.C. s.573 within one year after receiving a municipal consent; but provision may be included for automatic renewal at the expiration thereof for an additional term not exceeding 10 years or 15 years if the board certifies that the CATV company has implemented an open video system in accordance with 47 U.S.C. s.573, unless either the municipality or the company shall not later than 60 days before the expiration of the initial term serve upon the other party notice of its intention not to accept such renewal. No CATV company whose municipal consent or renewal thereof has expired shall be authorized to continue its operations unless prior to such expiration it has obtained a certificate of approval from the board authorizing such continued operation, except that such a CATV company which has initiated proceedings to obtain such certification from the board prior to the expiration of the municipal consent may continue its operations pending the final disposition of such proceedings. L.1972,c.186,s.25; amended 2003, c.38, s.5.

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