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Section: Public institutions and agencies; effect of repealer thereon

Statute: 48:5A-20

20. a. Upon obtaining the prior approval of the board, if necessary, a CATV company may construct and maintain the wires, cables, and conduits necessary to its business upon, under or over any highway, and may erect and maintain the necessary fixtures, including poles and posts, for sustaining such wires and cables; provided, however, that such wires, cables and fixtures shall be so placed or constructed as not to unreasonably inconvenience public travel on the highway or the use thereof by public utilities or other persons or organizations having rights therein. This subsection shall not apply to a telecommunications service provider deploying telecommunications facilities that can be used as shared-use facilities to carry cable television service at a later date. b. Whenever the board shall find that public convenience and necessity require the use by a CATV company or a public utility of the wires, cables, conduits, poles or other equipment, or any part thereof, on, over or under any highway or any right-of-way and belonging to another CATV company or public utility, and that such use will not result in injury to the owner or other users of such equipment or any right-of-way or in any substantial detriment to the service, and that such CATV companies or public utilities have failed to agree upon such use or the terms and conditions or compensation for the same, the board may order that such use be permitted and prescribe a reasonable compensation and reasonable terms and conditions for the joint use. If such use is ordered, the CATV company or public utility to which the use is permitted shall be liable to the owner or other users of such equipment for such damage as may result therefrom to the property of such owner or other users thereof. L.1972,c.186,s.19; amended 2006, c.83, s.16.

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