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Section: Annual tenants assistance payment; limitations

Statute: 48:2-29.33

Any residential tenant found eligible for the "Tenants' Lifeline Assistance Program" shall be entitled to an annual tenant's assistance payment, except as otherwise provided herein, at his principal residence. No household or rental unit, as appropriate, shall receive more than one tenant's assistance payment for any fiscal year. No household shall receive during the same fiscal year both a tenant's assistance payment and a lifeline credit allowed pursuant to P.L.1979, c. 197 (C. 48:2-29.15 et seq.). The annual tenant's assistance payment shall be $200.00. Subject to the availability of appropriations, the level of assistance shall be increased to $225.00 beginning in October, 1984. L.1981, c. 210, s. 4, eff. July 20, 1981. Amended by L.1982, c. 139, s. 1; L.1983, c. 250. s. 1.

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