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Section: Telecommuting, report to Legislature

Statute: 48:2-21.18

3. a. A local exchange telecommunications company may petition the board to be regulated under an alternative form of regulation. The company shall submit its plan for an alternative form of regulation with its petition. The company shall also file its petition and plan concurrently with the Director of the Division of Rate Counsel. The board shall review the plan and may approve the plan, or approve with modifications, if it finds, after notice and hearing, that the plan: (1) will ensure the affordability of protected telephone services; (2) will produce just and reasonable rates for telecommunications services; (3) will not unduly or unreasonably prejudice or disadvantage a customer class or providers of competitive services; (4) will reduce regulatory delay and costs; (5) is in the public interest; (6) will enhance economic development in the State while maintaining affordable rates; (7) contains a comprehensive program of service quality standards, with procedures for board monitoring and review; and (8) specifically identifies the benefits to be derived from the alternative form of regulation. b. Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S.48:2-18, R.S.48:2-21, R.S.48:3-1.1 and section 31 of P.L.1962, c.198 (C.48:2-21.2) or any other law to the contrary, in determining just and reasonable rates, the board may authorize a local exchange telecommunications company to set rates based on an alternative form of regulation pursuant to a plan approved under subsection a. of this section. c. No local exchange telecommunications company may use revenues earned or expenses incurred in conjunction with noncompetitive services to subsidize competitive services. d. The board shall have the power to require an independent audit or such accounting and reporting systems from local exchange telecommunications companies as are necessary to allow a proper allocation of investments, costs or expenses for all telecommunications services, competitive or noncompetitive, subject to the jurisdiction of the board. L.1991,c.428,s.3.

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